Sunday, 5 May 2013

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 April 2013 Work Party!

“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.”
― Karen Blixen, Out of Africa 

This weekend we had a large workparty which is good as we had some hectic tasks ahead of us!! 

Friday night we all sat around the fire wrapped up in our jumpers and jackets and braced ourselves for a chilly night - winter is not far away now!!

Saturday morning we all woke up bright and early with steaming hot coffee in our hands a chill in the air and a big birthday wish to Margaret we all headed off to the boma. We split up into groups Nando's team attacked the weeds around the fence with style, Pat and Mona had a group of us helping them whilst they created master pieces with brick work wahooo it was awesome although Jax did introduce me to utilising cement as a homemade facial!! lol!! Graham and Wally headed off to work on the fence itself, Kori and Freddy made it their mission to break through a concrete man hole - dedication i tell you and Ed, Brian and crew worked on the fence gate. All in all it kept us all busy busy busy and time flew by!

That night we all sat around the potjie pot filled fire and went through our highs and lows. Scrummy cake was supplied by Margaret and Diane and as per normal lots giggles and laughs were had! 

Ahhh another fantastic Makanyane weekend thank you so much everyone.
See you next month!! Don't forget to pack those extra woollies!!

Early morning drive to the Boma
Sara-Jane in the drivers seat!
Mr G acting cool!

Getting ready to work!
Ed chatting to Nando's good ear!
The Birthday Girl! Happy Bday Margaret!

Working with a smile!
Pink socks hey!
Diane n Jax xx
Gary working on the fence

Mike on the other side of the fence!


Hard work!!

Tom and Jax working on the weed eaters
Mixing it up!
Wow backbreaking work!

Jax doing a little happy dance!
Vicki testing those muscles!

Team Work!
Looking good guys!!
Pat & Mona hey who's that peeking hehe!

Seriously time consuming!

Tom our friendly weed eater mechanic!!
Wally catching a quick lift and having a breather!
Brian working on the gate!
Time for a break!

Margaret telling us all to stop singing!

Ed teaching Wendy how to light a fire

Ahhhhh Wally n Graham

Go Go Go!!
On your marks, get set.........
Ground Beetle

Potjies Unite!!!

 A huge big thank you to Tom and Margaret for the photos xx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

February 2013 Workparty

When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it.

February is the month of love! LOL and boy the elephants in Pilanesburg this month are in love with causing fun!!

We arrived early Friday afternoon and headed off to the boma to set up. We were greeted by a sight none of us expected a friendly fun loving messy maker elephant had decided he wanted to visit the boma before us! Unfortunately nobody had offered him the key......never mind through the gate he went! Yep no guesses as to what work we were doing this weekend hehehehe!!

Off the Manayane we went to set up camp and get settled! Saturday morning we all woke bright and early and headed back off to the boma to start the big clean up operation! The gate/fence had to be straightened, restrung and fixed, broken trees had to be cleared away, weed eating and backbreaking digging were all on the agenda! It was a long hard day but after lots of sweat and cheers we cleared it up fixed the gate got the fence working! Whoop whoop!!! Later that afternoon we all made our way back to the camp for showers and a well-earned rest! That night fires were made, potjies were filled as we all sat back for a lovely pudding filled evening of highs and lows!

As always a wonderful weekend

No entrance no problem!!

Nando's Hardworking Team!
Justin and his friendly tractor!

Tree Removal!

Okay maybe not always so friendly!

Discovering the atom!!

Margaret tree clearing

Tom and his magic saw
Oh no Wally's got one too Tom!
Warren Weedeating away!
Wally and Gav doing repairs! Dont look Graham!

Wally and Graham running new fence wire
Sterling job being done by the boys in green!
Straightening Fences all in a days work!


Bush Rambo ?!
Milk Tarts to end the day Jax! Scrummy!

All that tractor driving = zzzzz!

Ele's at play
Splish Splash!

Rutting - wow serious power struggle going on here

Tom and Margarets Leopart that was!!

A huge big thank you to Tom, Margaret and Jax for photos. If anyway has any photos they would like added or would like to put in a blog please drop us an email -